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Queen Elizabeth Park Photo Tour

Vancouver is not a city lacking in beautiful scenery, and during this trip, we really focused on as much of the outdoor beauty as possible. One of the places that we made our way to was Queen Elizabeth Park. Not only were we able to wander through beautiful areas of the park, we also popped in to the Bloedel Conservatory – a tropical environment contained within a glass dome in the park.

We visited Queen Elizabeth Park in the fall and the I’ve never seen a place with more vivid fall colors in my life! If you want to visit Vancouver in the fall, you surely will not be disappointed.

Leaves, leaves, leaves and more leaves – and beautiful trees waiting to drop their final leaves for the season.

Need I say more? The yellows and the reds really popped here. And how impeccably manicured is this park? They did an amazing job designing this area.

We stumbled across a little area with some metal sculptures covered in love locks and it reminded me of our time in Paris where we totally missed the love lock bridge (we can blame that on poor planning and lack of a map). So, it was nice to see a peaceful little area dedicated to the expression of love.

Pure happiness with all the beauty around me (and extremely frizzy hair).

This is a beautiful place to meander through and nothing short of colorful.

Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2M9, Canada

Bloedel Conservatory

If you need a place to escape the rain and/or colder weather when visiting Vancouver, you may find yourself wandering through the Bloedel Conservatory. While Queen Elizabeth Park is free to enter and walk around in, there is a small fee to enter the conservatory ($6.50 CAD).

The conservatory is home to a group of beautiful birds and most are able to fly freely within the dome (with the exception of the larger parrots).

Vancouver Canada

Ruby the Electus – Quite LOUD!


Canada Queen Elizabeth Park

My favorite dancing Macaw


I think we went through the dome at least three or four times to be able to catch a glimpse of each different type of bird. Birds have always been one of my favorite species of animal (even though I grew up with a grumpy parrot).

Vancouver, Canada

Bloedel Conservatory at Queen Elizabeth Park
4600 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Y, Canada

There is plenty more of Queen Elizabeth Park to see, but that’s all we were able to cover on our visit there. If you’ve been, what are your favorite parts of Queen Elizabeth Park?

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