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The Search for Maui’s Best Fish Tacos

South Maui Fish Co

Looking for the best fish tacos on Maui? Hopefully this guide will point you in the right direction! When I’m not eating vegetarian, I’m in search of the best seafood dishes – especially on Maui. Growing up on the island meant having a great introduction to a variety of different fish dishes, but there’s always one dish that I never hesitate to eat – tacos! On our recent trip to Maui, I decided to check out the growing food truck scene on the island and embark on a mini mission to find Maui’s best fish tacos.

South Maui Fish Co. - Kihei

fish tacos

My vote for my favorite food truck fish taco on this trip goes to South Maui Fish Co., one of the highest rated food trucks on the island. Not only is their staff super friendly and inviting, but their food is bomb! The fish of the day for the tacos when we were there was ahi, served grilled in corn tortillas with a spicy aioli and coconut pineapple slaw, and topped with another sauce (can’t tell you what’s in that one though, but it was good). I don’t typically get anything with mayo on my food since it’s kind of my arch nemesis, but in this case, I didn’t want the taco to be too dry so I went with it and it was super tasty! Is $11 a little pricey for two fish tacos? Maybe…but you do get some pretty generous portions of fish in these tacos. They also had a smoked marlin dip served with chips that is really delicious (not sure if that is available all the time).

A few notes:

  • Try to get there as early as you can, as they could sell out of fish and pack up for the day.
  • Also, be prepared to have a little bit of a wait for your food. They do have a little seating area so you can enjoy a cold drink in the shade while you wait.
  • They are located in the back of a parking lot behind a few other businesses, so it’s bit hard to spot them from the main road (S. Kihei Road), but there is plenty of parking around the truck.

Address: 22 Alahele Pl, Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: (808) 419-8980

Ono Tacos - Lahaina

fish tacos

Ono Tacos is a more authentic Mexican food truck, and I thought their tacos were a close second to South Maui Fish Co., but only because their fish was slightly overcooked (in my opinion) which just made it a little dry. The flavor was excellent, however, and they have some really good salsas to choose from to accompany your meal (as any good taco truck would). The tacos come topped with fresh cabbage and either a sour cream or mayo aioli (it tasted more sour cream like to me, but sometimes you cannot tell). You can get a side of onions and cilantro from their salsa bar to add a kick of flavor as well. At $4 a piece, these tacos are still a little pricey since you really need at least 3 to fill up but I would definitely eat them again! Micah also got the shrimp taco which he said he preferred over the fish.

The important question we forgot to ask was what kind of fish they were using…but if I had to guess, I’d say it was ono.

Note: Ono Tacos is located just a stone’s throw from Kohola Brewery so it would be a great opportunity to pair beer and tacos!

Address: 910 Honoapiilani Hwy, Lahaina, HI 96761
Phone: (808) 357-3779



Horhitos - Kihei

fish tacos

Lastly, in the food truck fish taco adventure, we have Horhitos, located right on S. Kihei road. It’s hard to miss! These tacos were a bit different than the other two we had in that they had cheese and lettuce, and came on flour tortillas rather than corn. While good, I think these could have used a little more flavor – and I think the the fish would be better paired with cabbage versus the lettuce. They have a “South of the Border” option which comes with the cabbage and a mango salsa and I would definitely say go for that option first!

The tacos do come with a chipotle mayo, but we opted out on that and the up-charge for sour cream was too much, so we decided against that as well. At $5 a piece (for the ono tacos), which seems to be about the average rate for fish tacos on Maui, these weren’t too bad but definitely not our favorite among the fish tacos we tried. I did notice they have veggie tacos (a rare find), so I will definitely be back to try those out! They did have a pretty tasty salsa that you can put on your tacos, which I highly recommend.

Address: 1961 S. Kihei Rd, Kihei, HI 96753
Phone: (808) 298-5670




I wanted to mention Milagros here even though we visited them at their brick and mortar in Paia (and even though we didn’t actually make it back here on this trip). Milagros mahi mahi fish tacos have always been my favorite because the fish is always cooked nicely and the tacos are nice and juicy (i.e. not dry and overcooked). You also get a nice side of rice and beans with your meal and since it’s a sit down restaurant, there’s a good chance you might be swayed to ordering one of their delicious margaritas (my favorite is the Li Hing Mui). Yes, it is the most expensive option (at $14 for the plate, not to mention tax, tip, and possible margarita madness), but still a worthy choice if you are in the area and craving fish tacos.

Note: Although we visited Milagros at their original restaurant in Paia, they do have a newer food truck that you can find at different spots around the island at times (usually a regular at Maui Brewing Company in Kihei). An even bigger bonus is that the fish taco plate at the food truck is only $12 compared to $14 in the restaurant!

Address: 3 Baldwin Ave, Paia, HI 96679
Phone: (808) 579-8755
Website: http://milagrosfoodcompany.com

If you have decided to embark upon your own Maui fish taco quest, I hope you find our experiences helpful! If you are a Maui fish taco expert, please comment with recommendations below and we’ll give them a try on our next visit!

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